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With, finding a trusted and licensed therapist has never been easier. Simply look through our nationwide network of therapists to find the perfect therapist for your needs. is the premiere directory in helping you find a qualified therapist online. Through our simple platform, you will be able to search for, compare, and ultimately choose a therapist that is equipped to meet your needs. All of our therapists are highly trained, licensed professionals that are educated in the fields of psychology and psychotherapy. With many years of experience in this space, and over 17,000 patients being matched to their ideal therapist each month, is a proven solution.

Anyone that has ever tried to find the right therapist to suit their individual needs understands how tedious and tiresome the process can be. From discussing the issue with your primary care doctor, waiting several weeks for a referral to come in the mail, to contacting a therapist that may or may not meet your needs, being unsure of whether or not your insurance will be accepted, and if not, how much you will be paying out of pocket, and the list goes on. eliminates these endless issues and allows YOU to take control. In addition, instead of having to notify several people of what your personal issues are before you actually reach a therapist, allows you to cut out the middle men, and go straight to the source. Quickly find online counseling through our directory.

People around the world suffer with many different types of issues that require therapy. You should not feel ashamed, and should know that you are not alone. Recognizing that there is a problem that needs to be addressed is a step in the right direction. Mental health and overall well being is one of the most important aspects of life that we should all be cognoscente of. When issues arise that feel out of our control, it can affect ones mental, emotional and physical health. This can result in a feeling of life becoming unmanageable, and can lead to more serious problems down the road if not properly dealt with. Most of all, we must understand that it is ok to seek help when needed. will give you options, and match you with the best therapist for your needs. They are qualified to handle a wide range of problems you may be facing in your life. You will find a specialist for issues such as addiction, depression/anxiety, trauma, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), as well as general counseling for individuals, couples, premarital relationships, marriages, families, and religious and/or Christian-oriented families.

Our process is extremely easy for finding the perfect online counselor. First, begin by searching for a therapist on our site by specialty and location. You will be presented with several profiles that you can analyze, and will also be able to review actual feedback from their past and current patients. Next, compare the profiles that best meet your needs. Make sure that you narrow down your choices to the therapists that you feel would be the best fit for you. Then, once you find a few therapists that you are satisfied with, proceed with contacting them to get more information. Remember, the more information you are able to obtain, the easier it will be to choose the right one. Lastly, once you feel you have found the best therapist for your situation, take the next step forward and set up an appointment for your online counseling.

With an exceptional client database and years of proven success, our goal is to assist you in obtaining your goals. Allow to be your one-stop-shop solution in providing you with the best options for any and all of your therapy needs. Don’t waste another moment sitting in hopelessness and despair. Take that first step in the right direction, and be matched up with your ideal therapist today!

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